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Lariats ~ 32" - 36" ~ Just "Wrap" it! Shown below
Our lariats on average have 22 - 28 High Power
Hand Cut faceted magnets 2,200 gauss each.
The Lariats also have hand cut semiprecious stones,
not the glass and metal junk on the market!
As new stock arrives these will be finished as pictured below!
Otherwise will come without the dangle, if new stock not in yet.

Mix and Match Prices as follows:
$4 each
12+  $3.50

                                          (pic.  taken before dangles added

Right side = Lariat code
Left Side = bracelet
Lariats below are left LBLKR = Round w/faceted and
BLKC = Black Cube and faceted
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

Lariat = L#23 - Cat's Eye Blue Sapphire Cube (top right)   (bracelet = LB#23
lariat =
LTQR - Chinese Howlite Turquoise Round 

Lariat = LBGS  Blue Gold Stone 
Lariat = LRH = Rhodonite Cube (rose color marble look)
Lariat = LGS = Gold Stone Cube
Lariat = LGSR = Gold Stone Round
Lariat = #LSODA - Blue Sodalite Cube

Lariat  = #LGA - Green Jade Aventurine Cube

Lariat = #LGDGA - Dark Jade Green Aventurine Cube
(no dangle)

Lariat = #LSL - Silver Leaf Cube
 (bracelet = LBSL

Lariat = #LPJ - Picture Jasper Cube
(bracelet = LBPJ
Lariat = #LBL - Blue Lace Agate
(bracelet = LBBL
Lariat = #LSF - Snow Flake Cube
Lariat = #LWCE - White Cat's Eye Cube
Lariat = LSCE - Silver Cat's Eye Cube

Lariat =L#5R - White Cat's Eye Round
Lariat = LRQ - Rose Quartz
Lariat = LMAR - Moss Agate Round

Lariat = LAR - Amethyst Round
Lariat = LM = Malachite (MAN-MADE pretty!)

Lariat = LU = Unachite
Lariat = LSP = Real Seed Pearl
Has Dangle
Lariat = LTQC = Chinese Howlite Turquoise Cube 

Back in stock:
LTE = Tiger Eye Cube
LCEMIX = Mixed Color Cat eye Round

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

am1107pic.jpg (7553 bytes)
Most styles have 22 - 25 magnets
2,400 gauss magnets

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