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One size fits most

Has 18 - 1200 gauss ceramic magnets surrounding open knee cap and sides of knee - for full coverage!

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$6 ea

12 - 23  $5.00 ea

24 - 49 $4.50 ea

50+ $4.00

 Two velcro closures

# FLEX16B - Blue Back wrap with 16 - 900 - 1,000 gauss magnets are back in stock!!
          Ours does NOT have black trim outside just black in and blue out :) ~

$6 each 1 - 99 pc

$4 each  100 pc box shipped as is, no additional products can be added to the box, but we can ship additional items in separate box, same shipment :)

#JKNEE-specify size  These have twice the magnets - 32 pc
Sold in Golf shops and medical stores for $39.95 and up.
See picture above and measure knee about 3 - 4" above the knee cap.
Once opened theses are not returnable - best to stock all sizes to sell  them. 

JKNEELG= Large $12 ea  size before stretching is 12.5"
JKNEE1x = 1x     $12 ea  size before stretching is 13.5"
JKNEE2x = 2x     $12  ea  size before stretching is 14.5"
JKNEE3x = 3x     $12 ea  size before stretching is 15.25"
JKNEE4x = 4x     $12 ea  size before stretching is 16.5"


Jasper Elbow! Same great look as the Jasper Knee - just made smaller for the elbow.
These have twice the magnets - 18 pc
Sold in Golf shops and medical stores for $29.95 and up

$10 each
JELBM = Medium
JELBLG = Large
JELBXL = Extra Large

Arm/Shin Wrap ~  $7.75  each

 #10JPA15 = 15"

#10JPA18 = 18"

These durable 3" wide wraps with Velcro closures offer firm  support and protection.    Features long lasting cotton pile inner lining.   Includes from 9 to 15 permanent 0.1"x0.4" dia. 900 gauss magnets (depends on length).
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

Ankle Wrap ~ Your Choice ~ $8.50 each Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

#10JPB21 = 21"   

#10JPB24 = 24"

These durable 3" wide wraps with Velcro closures offer firm  support and protection.    Features long lasting cotton pile inner lining.   Includes 15 permanent 0.1"x0.4" dia. 900 gauss bio-north  magnets (# depends on length).

Aluminum Accupressure Disc with 800 gauss magnet underneath.

#800spotNP = 800 gauss spot magnets. Pack of 10 - North side has a point to face body

$2.00 per pack of 10

WAS $5!
Mini Mags  4 pk /$4.00

10 + packs of  4 $3.00    per pack

  they are silver not gold as pictured ~

  Mini Mag Code #MM5000 ~ Are small, dime size, silver plated 5000 gauss, REC magnets. Mini-Mag are 2.5mm (0.1") thick, The north and south poles are not marked.   

Comes in a velvet pouch (not as pictured)
About the size of a nickel

Neodymium ~ Rare Earth Cobalt Magnets ~ Set of 2 ~ 12,500 gauss each! 

#NEOLG - $6.00 1 - 24 pair

#NEOLG25 = 25 pair - 49 pair $5.00

#NEOLG50 = 50 pair - 99 pair $4.50

#NEOLG100 = 100+ Pair $4 per pair

Use the north side on any painful area of the body.    Apply with medical tape or attach one to outside of your clothing and one to the inside over the painful area!  They will hold in place! Use inside a secure body support or carry in your pocket. These magnets are a very powerful 12,500 gauss!  These are for deep penetration. 
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Magnetic water has been used in Russia and Europe for over 30 years.  Place the

 700 gauss magnetic pad in the refrigerator with blue or side up (bi-polar pad)   Place the water, milk  or juices on the pad, liquid  will be magnetized in 3 hours (one gallon). A glass of liquid is magnetized in  about 20 minutes. Believe it or not, the medical field in Asia and Europe uses magnetized water!   The pad is 6" X 6", Bi-Polar is used for balance and energy.   The Bi-Polar Pad can also be used to magnetize facial creams and rubbing ointments. Magnetizing the creams  allows them to absorb better into the body.    Will make your water smoother, coffee less bitter and orange juice less tart! Try it out for yourself ~ taste the difference!
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) = Bipolar for healthy balance - Bi-Polar Pads  used to magnetize water, fruit, vegetables, makeup and body creams.

1 - 49 =   $4.00 each
50 - 99 = $3.00 each
100+ =    $2.75 each


"FlexSole" Magnetic Insoles
Magnets stimulates body parts which in turn helps blood circulation.
The improved blood circulation then quickly brings the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the cells that compose our organs.
 700 gauss Multi-pole Soles. The insole is flat and smooth and entirely magnetic. The magnetically stronger colored side should face the foot. . Per pair includes both left and right insoles.   Trim to exact fit.

MSC16HS= Small  6 - 7    
MSC16HM = Medium 8-10
MSC16HL = Large 11-12

$5.50 per pair  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  Dark brown top and black bottom
48+ $5.25
100+ $4.75

  Magnetic Headache or Migraine Headband! $5 each

#MSC22B - This sporty headband contains two pouches with 5 each  800 gauss magnets. Generally placed in the temple area.    Banish those headaches forever!  Migraines be g
one!  Magnets can be removed for washing. 

UNIVERSAL MAGNETIC PAD ~ Very versatile!!! Use them anywhere the pain is!!

  Flexible mesh pad  2 sizes and 2  strengths!

  1. Economical  Magnet Pads ... with 1000 Gauss magnets! Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
    FLEX8-1000 = 8 magnet pad ~ $4.75  ea. 3.5 x 6.5"  

        FLEX16-1000 = 16 magnet pad ~ $8.50  ea. 5.5" x 6.5"

  2. Stronger 2500  Magnet Pads .... with 2500 Gauss magnets! Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
    FLEX8-2500 = $8.00 each  8 - 2500 gauss magnets  3.5 x 6.5"  
    FLEX16-2500 = $11.50 each 16 - 2500 gauss magnets
     5.5" x 6.5"

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