Magnetic Bracelets, Necklaces and Anklets 
~ Beautiful, Stylish & Therapeutic~
All Prices listed below are subjected to change
ALL MAGNET LINK BRACELET OR ANKLETS $4 each if no crystals, or semiprecious stones. Crystal or semi-precious are $4.50 ea.
Any Quantity or style shown below.

PLEASE NOTE CLOSEOUT ITEMS $2 EA - no return unless damaged on receipt and we are notified by email upon receipt and items are returned.
We may have 100 pc or 1 so get them while you can! We want to make room for new things :)

"Wholesale Terms"   ~ Click button for info >> wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes)  

For Retail purchase
Take the price listed times two ~

Email us  if unsure
EXAMPLE IF Item list price is $4 cost for retail is $8 ~
if you want it for the $4 see terms above

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HAPPY 2016!


  `Heavenly sent  ~ angel1.jpg (5782 bytes)  
Beauty, Style and Therapeutic Value

 ~what a great gift idea and selling point

~ All Magnet Fashion Bracelets, Necklaces and Anklets have 2,500 gauss magnets in each link
Offer your customers the best
"All Magnet" Link Bracelets

All bracelets are made with watch pins and can be adjusted by a jeweler or a handy  person
Ladies style bracelets r
ange   7.25" - 7.50"  and     Men's styles range 8.5" - 9"
This is an approximate length - again all are adjustable
The "All Magnet" Bracelet and Anklet Series are brass or metal alloy base, nickel free and electroplated with
5 - 7 mills of gold or silver or copper (standard costume jewelry plating) 
Every Link has a 2500 gauss magnet!
Regular Link Bracelets & Anklets have 4 - 8 magnets
Ours have a magnet in EACH link!

Note to all customers: Prices increases are due to USA and China economy. The cost of material for magnetic products and gold and silver plated products have steadily been going up over the past year and a half. The rising cost for Chinese wages and electricity verses coal use in China attributes to some of the price increase. Then there is the rising fuel for shipping from China. As prices rose, we choose to absorbed the increase, rather than passing it on. Now, again they are raising. Because of this we will have to increase some of our prices to offset this extra cost. This is some thing we have not had to do for 15 years and have been proud of it! ;( We hope you understand and will continue to profit from magnet sales as we do. We all must have profit to be a success! Thank you in advance for understanding ~ Paula Powers Proud owner of since 1996

Any Quantity or style shown below. UNLESS listed as closeout.
PLEASE NOTE CLOSEOUT ITEMS $2 EA - no return unless damaged upon receipt and we are notified by email upon receipt. We may have 100 pc or 1 so get them while you can! We want to make room for new things :)


#TOOL = Link adjustment tool w/1 pin $5 each 
#TOOL5 = 5 pc =  $20 ($4 ea)
#PIN = Replacement pin $2 ea
#pin10 = 10/$15  

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD480S-8 = All shinny silver
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

D456S-8 = all shinny silver


OUT OF STOCK  HL0069AC8 = Antique Copper

D320SG8 = silver with gold accents men's

HL0712AC = Knotted Copper

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD184SG-7 = Silver with gold lines Ladies
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD184SG-8  Silver with gold lines Men's

NEW!! D252AC8 = above in antique Copper   (style as above but in antique copper)

H090SG7 = Ladies silver and gold wavy lines

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
H090S7 All silver

NEW ITEMS: Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
H0193GS7 = Ladies silver and gold

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD1659G = Denim Blue in Gold
D1659S = Denim Blue in silver

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD295GS = Gold Sparkle stone in gold toneMagsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD55GS8 = Gold and silver flat link men's
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD55GS7 = Gold and silver flat link ladies
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD174GS-8  - Chevron gold frost with silver center  
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD174S-8   - Chevron in silver frost w/shinny silver center

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0518#5 = cream white

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0518#7 = baby blue

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO173GS8 = Gold and Silver men's
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO173S8 = Silver men's

   CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COBCS-06 = Silver with high power faceted magnets $4

CLOSEOUT $2 ea BCG-06 = Gold with high power faceted magnets

OUT OF STOCK  >>> ACBAR7  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

D168S-3T7  Silver / gold and copper 

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D178S-3T7 = Ladies Silver out and 3 tone in
D178S3-T8 = Men's 3 tone
NEW  D178AC7 = Ladies Antique Copper
NEW  D178AC8 = Men's Antique Copper


   Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D362Multi7 = heart multi color

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD145GS-7   Slinky Lines ~ Shiny Gold outside w/frosted silver center
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD145GS-8 - Same s above but longer for men

Also in All Silver! :)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COD145S-8 = Men's All Silver
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   CO128GS7   ~ Ladies Gold and Silver
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   CO128GS8  ~ Men's Gold and Silver

pic is style not for color we have this in > HL0866GS7 = Narrow Gold and Silver

NEW!  HL0141-3T7 =1/2" WIDE Gold/Copper/Silver Tri Color
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
Pink Cat's Eye In Silver

Purple Cat's Eye In Silver
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D85#7S~ Baby Blue in silver tone 
 D85AM.jpg (10745 bytes)  
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COD85#7G   = Baby Blue in gold

CLOSEOUT $2 ea D85G#2 = Lucky Green Cat's Eye with a magnet in each link   
D377AM.jpg (4660 bytes)Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D377 ~ White and Black alternation cat's eyes ~ in silver

D74-WB  Rectangle White and black cat's eye stones in silver tone

D74#10 = Silver with black Rectangle (epoxy not stone)

SOLD OUT    CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD539GMCE~ Multi Cat's Eye

 Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO150G ~  Golden Diagonal Stripes

  110C7.jpg (6005 bytes)
adiCLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD110AG7 ~  Antique with Matt Gold (laes & men's length) 
D15AM.jpg (10093 bytes) 
 ~ Golden Sparkle Oval Beauty with multi color linksMagsec.gif (1135 bytes)
 ~ Silvery Sparkle Oval Beauty with multi color links (more in stock now!)


 D168GS  ~
Shiny Gold x w/frosted oval center ~ Totally Elegant
D169AM.jpg (4040 bytes) 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO169G ~  Smooth Golden Love  

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO630G = same as above with textured oval in gold.


CO32RED=  - Red Sparkle Heart Bracelet for the one you love

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD28RWB - Show your SPRIT   Epoxy Red, White Blue Heart

D141AMbsg.jpg (12537 bytes)  
D141BGS ~ Black Gold and silver Beauty 
D528AC7 = Antique Copper Hearts
D528S7  = All Shinny Silver Hearts
D528GS7 = Gold and Silver Shiny Hearts
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  
wpe50.jpg (3508 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO73G ~Deluxe Color Rectangles ~
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   D28AM.jpg (10573 bytes)
CO28 = Deluxe Classic Multi Color Heart
  D8016AM.jpg (11757 bytes)  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
 CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO80G#16 Purple Cat's Eye with a magnet in each link
D347PAM.jpg (10280 bytes)   
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO347G#16= Hug's & Kisses ~ Purple 

 ~Multi Color Hugs and Kisses ~  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
Cream white  Cat's Eye with a magnet in each link  

HL0750 = Gold Cameo Multi Color
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  $4.50
 D141GS7 = Gold and Silver

HL0360GS-7 = Gold and silver Rope

NEW HL0360AC-7 = Antique Copper Rope

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D85GMOP = Mother of Pearl with a magnet in each link   

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD110G8 = Mans Golden Link Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COHL0518#5 = Ivory Cat's Eye
 CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COHL0518#7 = Baby blue

CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COD523Gs8 = Gold and silver men's
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
HL0611GSM7 = Multi Crystal in Gold and silver $4.50

HL0038STQ7 = Turquoise oval in all silver $4.50
`Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

HL0549Ac8 = Man's Antique Copper
NEW  >> HL0549S8 = Shinny SILVER (same style as above :)Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0659SM7 = Star with Round Crystal in multi colors
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

HL0021GSM7 = Gold and silver Heart Cameo (pretty girl)
$4.50  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

 D147SG8 = Roller Ball Silver w/gold accents Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

D147S8 = Roller Ball all silver 

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD150G7 = Wide golden diagonal  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD187G8 = All Gold
No pic - Brushed Silver Men's same as above style
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD187S8 = All Silver
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD187AC8 = Men's Antique Coppe
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD187AC7 = Ladies Antique Copper


HL0546STQ7 = Shinny Silver w/turquoise
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CODHL0193S#3  = Shinny Silver w/Blue

 HL0193STQ = Shinny Silver w/turquoise

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
 HL0193ACTQ = Antique Copper  w/turquoise  

 HL0360S-3T = Tri Silver Rope, rose, gold and silver

 >>>> HL0737STQ7 = Silver tone with Turquoise HeartMagsec.gif (1135 bytes)

HL0737AC7 = Antique Copper w/Turquoise heart $4.50 

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0489GS7 = Gold weave with silver double dolphins
7" with 1" extension chain to 8". 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea  CODBCG06 High Power Hand Cut Faceted Tube Gold tone Chain Bracelet

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CODBCS06 High Power Hand Cut Faceted Tube Silver tone Chain Bracelet 




     CLOSEOUT $2 ea same as below but all red CO365R = All Red Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
     CLOSEOUT $2 ea Same as below but all pink CO365P = All Pink
   CLOSEOUT $2 ea     CO365B = same as below but All Light Blue 
Symbols in round link


CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD2G Gold sparkle epoxy (no stone)
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD165S8  - Men's Brushed Silver with shinny silver accents
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD165S7 = Ladies all Silver
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD165SG7 same as above but gold center links

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD165C7 = Ladies Shinny Copper

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD165C8 = Men's Shinny Copper
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COD165AC7 = Ladies Antique Copper
CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COD165AC8 = Men's Antique Copper

 D198SG7 = regular ladies size

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD198GS7Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  NECKLACE CLOSEOUT IS $4 each! regular $6 COD198GSNL
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD446G-8 - Frosted gold edge w/shiny gold center


D446AC-8 Antique Copper
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD446S-8 = same style in all silver

 D456SG Silver with Gold accents

 COD456AS8 = Antique Silver  (same style as pic above) 

COD456GS Gold with silver accents (same style as pic above)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD448slimS7 - Frosted silver w/shiny accents Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD448slimSG7 - Slim Brushed Silver w/ shiny gold swirl

 D499S#12   Silver with Pink Faceted CrystalMagsec.gif (1135 bytes)

 D499S#7  Silver with Baby blue Faceted oval Crystal

OUT OF STOCK>> D349SG-8 = Men's

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD349S-8 = all silver men's

D359S - Silvery Moons Sparkles with no stones

D374SPS = Oval Semiprecious Silver
D374SPAC = Oval Semiprecious Antique Copper sometimes dif. current also has turquoise :)

OUT OF STOCK > D361AC-7  = antique copper heart with V     Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
SS103ss.jpg (12794 bytes)
       D103S7  ladies~  Shiny Silver Outside and Satin Silver Inside 
       D103SG7 - Silver out gold inside   

 SS103ss.jpg (12794 bytes)
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)    D103S-8 ~  men's Shiny Silver Outside and Satin Silver Inside
                               D103SGL-8   ~ men's Silver out gold inside

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0714S3T-8   - Silver out with tri color men's  $4

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0714C3T-8   - Copper out with tri color men's  $4

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD151slimGS7 Ladies
COD151slimGS8 Men's

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD521S-8 = All silver
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D86GS-8 = Shinny gold outer edge with Shinny Silver Center
D86GFS-8 = Shinny gold outer edge with Frosted Silver center

D87S-8   Shiny Silver outer edge with frosted silver center

CLOSEOUT $2 ea   COD4S-7 Silver Multi Color Epoxy (no stones) Bracelet

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD4G - Gold w/Multi Color Epoxy Bracelet

 D168S ~ Silver xo               


D2SAK   - Sparkling Silver Anklet ~ $4 each
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)D2S - Sparkling Silver Bracelet

SS103ss.jpg (12794 bytes)D103S7 = Ladies Classic in All Silver
SAME AS ABOVE BUT GOLD CENTER    =  D103SG7 - Ladies Classic Silver out gold center
SAME AS ABOVE BUT GOLD CENTER    = D103SG8 Men's Classic Silver out gold center

SS103ss.jpg (12794 bytes)
D103S8 = Men's Classic in ALL Silver

D446AS-8  - Antique Silver tone


HL0516AC8 = antique copper

 >>>>> D115AC8Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)


D456AC -8

HL0560-3T7 - Three tone rope bracelet

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO167-3T7 
 Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

HL0072SHSG = Gold lined heart w/shiny silver heart  
HL0072SFSG = Frosted Silver heart w/gold lined heart

CLOSEOUT $2 ea C0072G =  Gold

CLOSEOUT $2 ea C0072GS =  Gold heart with silver outlined heart (we have the necklace too CO0072GSNL $4 each)

 HL0072S =   All shinny silver

HL0072AC = Antique Copper

 HL0374SSP = Shinny Silver with semiprecious stones

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)


CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0374GTQ = Shinny Gold with all Chinese Turquoise

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD73S - Silver Multi Color rectangles    Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  
D500G#16 - Light Purple Faceted Oval Crystal in gold tone

OUT OF STOCK  D500G#16d - Dark Purple Oval Faceted Crystal in gold tone $4.50
D500G#5 -   Clear Faceted Oval Crystal in gold tone   


D361PK -  Satin Pink Heart

D361PR -  Satin Purple Heart for the lady who deserves a "Purple Heart"
  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D115SG8  Shinny Silver with Gold Center 
D115S8 Shinny Silver with Frosted Silver Center  

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  this one only>  COD357SG - Silver X and gold cz sorry no pic for this one  style is  same as below


D357GS - Gold X w/silver crystals 


D357S - All Silver w/crystals  $4.50

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO141WS7     ~  White on Silver     Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD141WG7 ~ White on Gold      

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD576TQS7    Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

 >>>> D441AC7   ~ Copper plated XO

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0384-3T7

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD638-3T 7  = Gold/Copper/Silver Basket Weave  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD638SG7 = Silver Gold Basket Weave  (same as above but two colors)   Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  D168-3T   - xo gold copper & silver - three tone 

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD178-3T7  - Ladies Golfer's Classic in three tone - gold, copper & silver       
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD178-3T8 = Men's Golfer's Classic in three tone - gold, copper & silver  

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD178-S3T7 = Silver w/gold and copper accents
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD178-S3T8 = Silver w/gold and copper accents

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D362-3T  = Classic Hearts - gold copper & silver three tone

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD361-3TSM = Classic Hearts gold, copper, silver three tone with smooth face heart

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD531-3T  = small scalloped heart gold copper & silver three tone

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) P10-3t -   Loose Link xo - three tone 

  >>>>>  P10AC - Antique Copper  Heart and X 

HL0301-3T     - Rope Twist - three tone

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COHL0632-3T  = Zigzag  - three toneMagsec.gif (1135 bytes) 
D404S.jpg (11161 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD404S  (Silver w/light green)  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D404G.jpg (8271 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea Cod404G  (Gold w/light green)  
D405.jpg (10489 bytes)
 Pretty in Pink               
C405G  (Gold w/pastel Pink Swirl)   
CLOSEOUT $2 ea C405S = Silver with Pink Swirl
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD406G  (Gold w/multi pastels) Wear it with anything  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD406GXL = 8.5"  (we ordered wrong size maybe you need a larger one )
D406.jpg (6642 bytes)
ONLY HAVE A FEW GOLD LEFT no silver in the multi and will not be reordered.  Factory no longer offers them
D407.jpg (8260 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO407G  (Gold w/light blue )
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea SILVER CO407S = Silver w/light blue  SAME AS ABOVE BUT IN silver

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO406TQS =Silver w/turquoise color link

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO85CTQG - Semiprecious Red Coral and Chinese Turquoise Gold tone

sold out   CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO85CTQS - Semiprecious Red Coral and Chinese Turquoise Silver tone  

SOLD OUT >>>   CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO571GTE - Gold x with semiprecious tiger eye stones  Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)   

SOLD OUT >>> may have more w/update  CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO572STQ  - Silver X with Chinese turquoise    $7  N

D168SG - Silver X and gold o

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO569GB - Blue swirl Epoxy in gold tone Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  

CO569SBB - Baby Blue swirl Epoxy in silver tone

CO569SBP - Baby Blue & Pink  swirl  in silver tone

CO569GP - Pink swirl  in gold tone

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO569SP - Pink swirl  in silver tone 

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO569G#5 - White  button in gold tone  

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD531GS - Scalloped hearts in gold and silver 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COR1GF7 - Ladies Roller Ball Faceted Cut magnet bead gold tone  
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COR1GF8 - Men's Roller Ball Faceted Cut magnet bead gold tone 


CLOSEOUT $2 ea COR1DGF7- Ladies Roller Ball Faceted Cut magnet bead silver and gold tone 

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO258G7 - Gold tone chain link  

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO259GS7 - Ladies Gold o link with silver chain link
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO259GS8 - Men's Gold o link with silver chain link
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD416GS-8 - Gold with silver center  (
   Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD434S-8  Silver Arrow

D434AC-8  Antique Copper Arrow

D442AS-8   = Antique Silver Men's

D442AC-8 = Men's Antique Copper

D178GS7 ~ Ladies Golfer's Classic ~ Gold outside, silver inside 


D178GS8 ~ Men's Golfer's Classic ~ Gold outside, silver inside

D178SG7 ~ Ladies Golfer's Classic ~ Silver outside, gold inside
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

D178SG8 ~ Men's Golfer's Classic ~ Silver outside, gold inside

D178S7 ~ Ladies Golfer's Classic ~ All Silver
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

D178S8 ~ Men's Golfer's Classic ~All Silver


2 left   >>>  D456S8  All Silver
Show your Conviction
D467.jpg (18667 bytes)
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD467GS7 = Ladies Silver Cross in Center of each gold link ~ Real Beauty 

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD467GS8 = Men's Silver Cross in Center of each gold link ~ Real Beauty 

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD467SG7 = Ladies Silver with a Gold Cross in Center of each link ~ Real Beauty

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD467GS8  = Men's  Silver with a Gold Cross in Center of each link ~ Real Beauty

D499AMpw.jpg (9381 bytes)  
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO499Gpw ~ 
~ Pink and White Crystal

COD499GTP ~  new.gif (1680 bytes) ~ Golden Topaz Crystal - November babies

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD499GP ~  new.gif (1680 bytes) ~ Gold   with Pink Topaz Crystal 

D499G10-7 ~  new.gif (1680 bytes) ~ Gold beauty with black jet crystal$4.50

D499Gred7 = Gold w/Dark Ruby Red Crystal
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

D499GEG= Gold w/Emerald Green Crystal

 ~ Blue Sapphire Crystal  September baby                 (Montana blue )r babies$4.50

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD373TQG ~  Turquoise ~ in gold tone

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D362AM.jpg (7931 bytes)   
D362SG ~    Satin Heart w/ shiny gold v Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) 

D362S = All Silver Heart and Silver V

wpe61.jpg (9711 bytes)
D359GS  ~ Silvery Moon and gold Glow
 Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  or

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD198GS - Gold satin with shinny silver   
OUT OF STOCK    D236SG8 Matt Silver w/gold stitches

D236&237.jpg (15411 bytes) 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO237GS8   Gold w/ silver stitches in stock!

D95B.jpg (4777 bytes)
159GS8 ~ man's ~ Shiny  Silver & Gold

 D95B.jpg (4777 bytes)
159GS7 ~ladies ~ Shiny Silver & Gold

 Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD248SG8  ~ Shiny Silver Wing Beauty w/gold center dot   (men's length)
D249AM.jpg (13892 bytes)
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes) 
CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD249GS8  ~ Gold Wing Beauty with silver center dot

"All Magnet" Link 

magnet in EVERY  link
You can combine with bracelets for the discount price

All range between 9.5" to 10"

CLOSEOUT $2 ea gold or silver
Gold Chain Anklet 10" - 11" adjustment CO-B67-GAK
Silver Chain Anklet 10" - 11" adjustment CO-B67-SAK
D168SAK = all Silver XO Anklet

 D168GSAK = Gold X Silver O Anklet    
HL0072ACAK = ANTIQUE Copper Hearts Anklet
 HL0072SAK -= Frosted Silver Hearts anklet
HL0072GSAK = Silver with gold lined heart anklet

  CLOSEOUT $2 ea  CO0072GAK = Brushed Gold w/shinny gold lined heart anklet
 CLOSEOUT $2 ea  CO0072-3TAK = Gold Copper and Silver Heart Anklet

CLOSEOUT $2 ea CO4SAK - Silver S parker with multi color epoxy center anklet same style but colors in center Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

CLOSEOUT $2 ea  COD2GAK  Gold  Sparkler Silver epoxy center with sparkles anklet         

CLOSEOUT $2 ea COD2SAK = Silver Sparkler with silver epoxy center anklet Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

COD4GAK = Multi Color in gold anklet

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)  Gold out silver in anklet

D178SGAK - Silver out gold in anklet

D178SAK = All Silver anklet 

magnet w/chain link between and has a extender chain for adjusting :) ~

D67GSAK - All Magnet Gold and Silver tube chain anklet
D67SAK - All Magnet Silver Tube Chain anklet
D67GAK - All Magnet Gold Tube Chain anklet

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D528ACAk = Antique Copper Heart Anklet
D528SHCAK  = Shinny Copper small heart Anklet ( no pic same just shinny copper)
D528SAK ~ All Shinny Silver Small Heart anklet
D528GSAK = gold and silver small heart anklet
D528GAK = All Gold Small Heart Anklet (no pic)

WERE $6 NOW Closeout specials for $4! each

 Size range in 18" - 19"

D168NL3T  = gold/copper and silver 3 tone necklace
All Silver  >>> D168SNL = All Silver xo

All gold >>> COD169GNL = All Gold xo

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)


  = Three Tone Classic Heart


D178-3TNnL three color Gold, copper ad silver

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)
DHL0360-3TNL = Tri Color Rope NECKLACE


Need it longer? Buy the matching bracelet and attach it to the necklace to make it longer!
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

NL  =  Necklace Gold out silver in

HL0072GNL   All Gold w/gold lined heartMagsec.gif (1135 bytes)

HL0072GSNL   All Gold w/silver lined heart
HL0072SGNL  Shinny  Silver w/gold lines heart

HL0072FSGNL = Frosted Silver with Gold line heart

Golfer's Classic

D178SGNLG = silver out gold in
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

new.gif (1680 bytes)D178SGNL = silver out gold in Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)

XOXO Love Necklace

Gold x silver o

D168SGNL! Silver X Gold O

 D168SNL = ShinnySilver w/brushed silver o  eachMagsec.gif (1135 bytes)
D168NL-3T = Three color gold/rose gold and silver

D169GNL = all gold

CO55SGNL Click to view larger

D55Gold and silver Slinky Link
Magsec.gif (1135 bytes)



CO572STQNL  = Silver X with Chinese turquoise Necklace


CO572GTENL = Gold x with Tiger Eye Necklace

 matching bracelet D198GS
Frosted Gold leaf with silver edge

#COBNLAM = All Magnet (each Link) Blue Cat's Eye 

#COWNLAM =All Magnet (each Link) White Cat's Eye  $6 each

Truly Elegant
Silver w/gold accent Leaf  NECKLACE
D198SGNL = 
 Silver and gold leaf Necklace
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wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes)   FASHION MAGNETIC EARRINGS
wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes) Magnet Clasp, metal beads, pendants and more
wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes) Stainless Steel Magnetic Bracelets as low as $10 , Necklaces & Anklets 
wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes)All Magnet  Link Bracelet Series featuring  a magnet in most all links
wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes) Magnetic Copper Cuff Bracelets and Stainless Steel Expansion Bands 
wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes) Magnetic Necklaces, Rings and More
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Magnetic Necklaces, bracelets and Anklets

wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes) Magnetic Beads, Semiprecious Stones, Lead Crystals, Cat's Eye beads,
        Magnet Clasp, metal beads, pendants and more

wpe7C.jpg (1095 bytes) Magnetic Body Wraps, Insoles,  Magnetic pads and more

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